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On us

Our equipment

We are few and we only make a thing, but we do it well!

Naty Zurdo Administration

Naty worries that all embroider, the numbers, the budgets, timing.

Creative Franco Maganza

You want an original contest and you don't know by where beginning? you do not worry! the craziest ideas leave their head. Certainly it has your contest.

Javier Sanchez Head of art

Javi is an all-terrain ones that will transform your ideas into some impressive images, integrating them in your contest. In addition he is our operating technician of Software.

Vittorio Maganza Head of Accounts

In addition to the accounts, Vittorio is our presenter stars, with than 2,500 contests more presented, can do it until in 6 languages simultaneously!

Televising stage scenes

The importance of the stage scene is fundamental obtaining that the message is caught of visual and instantaneous way. For it nothing better than our different models from podiums for the offerers with whom to recreate a Set TV
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